Last year in July of 2012 – I joined Crossfit Worcester. It was extremely challenging for me because I was so out of shape – but I dove right in and took it on. Two months later I decided to participate in the Paleo challenge. I was very dedicated and felt a soar in my energy level along with seeing some weight loss results – I lost between 12 and 17 pounds in that challenge. I have managed to keep a lot of that weight off and also lost inches with the regular workouts. Even after the challenge ended, I tried to continue with the Paleo theme. But I did re-introduce some dairy (cheese-lover that I am) and occasionally indulged in some other “forbidden” foods – the occasional sandwich, dessert, pizza – and wine. But whenever I overdid it, my body would remind me and I’d get back on track.

A year later in July of 2013, I had to stop Crossfitting due to an injury and surgery. I resorted to basement WODs with no lifting, pushups, ring dips, burpees or anything that involved my hand. So I was essentially down to squats, situps and wall pushups. I decided to do the Paleo challenge again this year because I had such great results last time. This time I was not able to do the pre and post assessments because of the injury, which was discouraging.

This challenge – without regular exercise was very different for me. I’ve never had a problem getting 8 hours of sleep, and I took my fish oil faithfully – but I was not exercising regularly and I had many more slip-ups this time. Ate forbidden foods like popcorn and probably overdid it a bit on the fruit and the wine. Subsequently, I did not see great results. My weight loss fluctuated between 3 and 5 pounds and in the end I pretty much broke even – probably due to my post Halloween candy binge and birthday cake – nothing like the results I experienced last year. I also feel like I’ve lost muscle because of not being able to work out regularly.

I am now cleared to go back to Crossfit and am looking forward to getting back to a regular exercise routine and starting over with my own Paleo Challenge. I definitely know what my body does and does not like. With every slip-up, I paid for it and not just in the long run but immediately after – bloating, sluggish and loss of energy, etc. I know this way of eating works because I experienced good results with it last year.

So – back on the Paleo wagon and back to Crossfit. Thanks, Paul, for the opportunity and for sharing your knowledge and sending the motivating messages and posts. I’ll try and remember it all as I continue the “challenge”.

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