Although nutrition is the main factor for a healthy body, I contribute the Crossfit to my success during the challenge and overall health since I started back in July. Paul, you and the rest of the staff have been helpful, insightful and encouraging. I never thought I would enjoy working out again. I target going to Crossfit 4 days a week and on the off days, I long for the next day to work out again. I absolutely love Crossfit. Since joining for the on-ramp program in July (4 months total), I dropped weight from 267 lbs to 231 lbs. I don’t know what my original body fat % was, but I would guess around 33% or higher. See other performance gains since below.

In closing, I want to personally thank you for coordinating the challenge, teaching me more about Paleo, answering all of my questions, rehabbing my bad knee and showing me that 40 year olds can do Crossfit and be good at it. I will continue to practice the Paleo lifestyle, working out as often as the joints (and family) will allow. With the third child two months away, I can’t promise the 8 hours of sleep, but it will remain a goal for optimal health.

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