“I first sought out the advice of Paul Cyr in 2013 after a series of troubling doctors appointments. Hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, joint pain & general fatigue WERE an everyday obstacle. Paul recommended that I try a Paleo lifestyle & a sugar detox. Changing my sugar habits and food lifestyle were terribly difficult, but I was able to succeed. The first thing I’ve noticed is that it no longer hurts to get out of bed. My joints have seemed to “calm” and I can get on with my day PAINLESS. The next best thing is my energy level. I used to count down the minutes from waking up until I got to go to sleep again. I was exhausted all day, every day. With a paleo lifestyle, I have steady energy all day. I work full time and have kids, being able to keep up with everything is as awesome as having Christmas every day.
My shift to paleo would not have been successful without the guidance of Paul Cyr. Aside from his extensive knowledge and recommendations, Paul has an infinite amount of patience as well as a genuine desire to help his fellow humans be the best humans they can be. He makes himself readily available for questions, discussions & the occasional complaint at how difficult this can be. He guides you through with a careful balance of seriousness and compassion. During my paleo “challenge” I discovered just how much food impacts my body. It is incredible to see what foods can do to your health. I will be maintaining a paleo lifestyle as long as possible. “

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