The CrossFit Worcester Paleo Challenge was something I wanted to do to continue working on what I had started in August. I had lost 25 pounds, I figured it was a good opportunity to solidify a great lifestyle change which we all know is not an easy task, and focus on maintaining my weight (if I had lost much more there would be nothing to me).  Also, it was a bonus to hear Paul’s nutrition lecture a second time (first time during on ramp). Because of you Paul, I have found a new interest/hobby – nutrition. I am more interested than ever and can’t get enough of the new studies and science behind everything.

Since the start of the challenge, I have begun to notice food sensitivities than I ever knew I had. Of course to find these, that means I was having a cheat meal, but I would feel like complete crap after doing it. This has further proven to me that a permanent change was needed. Now, it’s not even a decision when it’s time to eat, and I never feel like I’m missing out. Thank you all for your support and posts throughout the challenge, especially you, Paul – you have helped change my life for the better, and for that I am forever grateful.



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