So, I am a 39 working mom with a husband and 9 year old son.
My sister talked me into taking a Paleo Challenge with CrossFit Worcester. At first I thought oh boy how am I going to be able to do this challenge. I was pretty faithful with my workouts and let’s face it… Food and I have a love hate relationship.

So I went to the workshop and had my mind blown!!! I was more confused and nervous than I was before.
So I started my sugar detox and I felt awful the first few days… Headaches, low energy, tired… You name it I had the symptoms. After about a week I felt better… more energy, headaches gone… skin and hair looking much better. My eyes more bright and beautiful.. Not the usual sunken in look that I was used to.

I completed the sugar detox with and oh yeah here we go attitude. Sunday’s became my cooking day… I would cook mostly all day so I could grab and go during the week. Veggies were packaged on Sunday’s as well.
I learned that in order to take care of the people that depended on me I needed to take care of myself first. As a mom and wife that is a hard thing to do… putting myself first….
My workouts are more regular that’s my “me time”.

I don’t really miss the “bad” food… Although a mocha latte would be fantastic right about now 🙂
But my body has responded so well to this change, and I love my new energy level. I love keeping up with my son and nieces. I also have to say the compliments that I have been getting really help to boost the confidence 🙂

My Thyroid was very high before I started this program as was my cholesterol. I have to say my Thyroid is now normal as is my cholesterol. I have lost 11 pounds and I love being able to grab anything in my closet and it fits and I feel comfortable in it!!!!

This really was a life changing challenge. I am so glad my sister asked me to do this challenge.

I really wouldn’t change anything that Paul did for us. I love the support page on Facebook and I love how Paul was always there to help…
The entire experience was amazing and I am very happy that I was able to be part of it.


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