I had my second child in 2011. By 2013, I had lost 4lbs of baby weight (Note: baby weighed over 6 lbs). In a culture obsessed with watching the scale rather than eating healthy and getting stronger, I joined the obsession and started counting calories, eating less and going to the gym at work. The weight did not move. I was hungry and exhausted most of the time.

Last year my friend Sean Fleming shared his Paleo lifestyle – the primal way of eating. Being a vegetarian, my first reaction was to immediately dismiss it as an impossible regimen to follow. Around the same time I read ‘Spartan Up’. The book talked about clean eating and primal workout – translation: Paleo and Crossfit.

My Paleo and Crossfit journey started at Crossfit Worcester in August 2014. The original goal was limited to perform better at OCRs.  Little did I know how much more I had to gain. Here are the benefits that I have seen in a short span of 3 months:

1. I learned about the ‘science’ of clean eating along with the art. The science is important because it makes choosing the clean foods very      easy. (eg. Why choose coconut oil over canola oil).
2. I lost 13 lbs or 9.5% of body weight while gaining muscle; did not know it was possible!
3. I eat more food than I have in the past. Clean eating has changed my relationship with food; there is no guilt associated with eating.
4. I am a faster and stronger runner; went from 11.x min/mile to 9.x min/mile.
5. My family eats cleaner than it did before and makes better food choices.I would like to thank my friend Sean for introducing me to Paleo and Paul. I would also like to thank 5:30am CFW trainers who have taught me so much. Lastly, I would like to say that the only reason I have made it this far is because of Paul Cyr, my ‘Paleo Guru’. Over the past few weeks and months he spent countless hours researching, writing and sharing with me nutritional information about Paleo Vegetarian diet.

 Piya picThis is just the beginning. There is so much more to look forward to and I am glad I have the support of my amazing CFW trainers and fellow 5:30 am classmates!

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  1. Prity

    Amazing transformation Piyali…I must say you have shed a lot of pounds after joining cross fitness..it could be an inspiration for everyone who are trying hard to loose pounds by starving and spending hours working out..good work Piyali..:-) keep it up.


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