WOD – 25 April

Monday 25 April 2016:

Trainer led warm-up and assistance – 5-10 minutes

Strength (10 mins):

  •        HSPU pyramid (10-8-6-4-2) or seated dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead (5 x 8)
  •        Hard cap of 10 minutes to accommodate multiple workout heats.

Benchmark WOD4 (“The Chief”, AMRAP3 x 5 with one minute of rest between rounds)

  •      3 power cleans (135/65)
  •      6 push-ups
  •      9 air squats


Every new round starts with the power cleans. Total score is full sets plus reps across the 5 rounds. There is no carry over. 3 rounds plus 15 reps and 3 rounds plus 12 reps is reported as 6 rounds plus 27 reps.

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