WOD – 17 June

Saturday 17 June 2017:

Trainer led warm-up and assistance – 10 minutes

Strength (20 minutes): Deadlifts. On a clock, complete 10 reps every two minutes. Start with 40%-45% of your 1RM and increase weight 5-10 pounds per week. If a weight feels too heavy or you fail to complete all of the sets, continue with that weight each session until you feel that you can add weight again.

WOD (for time):

  •    1 rounds of 20 power cleans (155/105) + 10 HSPUs
  •    2 rounds of 25 Russian KB swings (2.0/1.5) + 15 CTB pull-ups, then
  •    3 rounds of 30 calorie row + 20 push-ups


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