WOD – 22 June

Thursday 22 June 2017

Trainer led warm-up and assistance – 10 minutes

Strength (20 minutes): Gym Nasty (shoulders and mobility)

  •       5-10 minutes – Crossover Symmetry
  •       Remaining time – trainer led mobility

WOD1 (for time, hard cap of 8 minutes)

  •       Male athletes – one mile run or 2,000m row for time
  •        Female athletes  – one mile run or 1,600m row for time
  •      All athletes stop at 8 minutes regardless of whether or not they are finished; record meters rowed.


WOD2 (CFW Burpee Efficiency):

  •   3 minutes max burpees, 3 minutes rest
    ·   2 minutes max burpees, 2 minutes rest
  •   1 minute max burpees
  •   The goal is for your 3-minute total to be similar to the total of your 2-minute and 1-minute totals


Trainers may run in two waves with all athletes starting on row. Two minutes rest between wods


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