WOD – 27 July

Thursday 27 July 2017:

Trainer led warm-up and assistance – 10 minutes

Strength (20-25 minutes): Gym Nasty

  •   EMOM10: odd minutes = 30s on / 30s off Superman hold; even minutes = 30s on / 30s off hollow rocks
  •   Spend 10 minutes working on pull-up / muscle-up progressions


  •   Minute1: Complete 3-5 muscle-ups (any); scale is CTB+ring dips or pull-ups+push-ups
  •   Minute2: Complete 10 pistols (5 each leg)
  •   Minute3: Bike (10/8 calories) or row (15/12 calories)
  •   Minute4: Complete 40 double-unders
  •   Minute5: Rest


No rest or transition between stations. Run in waves of no more than 6 athletes with all athletes starting on muscle-ups.

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