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Scott Boulay

scott bioScott Boulay is a lifelong resident of central Massachusetts and a Worcester business owner. He was introduced to fitness at a young age while playing numerous sports before focusing on baseball and playing at the collegiate level. When regular gyms became boring, Scott was introduced to CrossFit and has undergone somewhat of a mid-life fitness crisis. He is now a veteran of the Tough Mudder, the GORUCK Challenge and numerous road and

Crossfit has re-ignited Scott’s passion for physical and mental challenges…

obstacle course races. Having completed two half marathons while wearing a ruck filled with bricks, Scott will run his first full marathon in the fall before heading to Florida to participate in GORUCK Selection. In between, he will be pursuing his CrossFit Endurance Certification.

Crossfit has re-ignited Scott’s passion for physical and mental challenges and he believes that the community environment fosters a healthy competition that you can’t find in any other gym.

Scott’s Certification

  • Level 2 CrossFit Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification



Paul Cyr

Paul Cyr - Crossfit WorcesterPaul is a fourteen-year veteran police officer with the Worcester Police Department and an active member of S.W.A.T. In search of a challenging and rewarding second career, Paul wanted to combine his 20 years of U.S. Military training, experience as an athlete in strength and conditioning training as well as his interests in kinesiology and nutrition. He completed his CrossFit Level 1 certification and became a personal trainer in 2009, and becoming a certified nutritionist in 2014. Prior to that, he was accustomed to the “traditional” gym experience – sets and reps were all that mattered. An hour of weights and 45 minutes of cardio became his comfort zone and he thought he was in shape. He spent years lifting weights with very good results, but it wasn’t until he discovered CrossFit that he began to realize his body’s full potential. Within weeks of trying the workouts, he was hooked. Paul worked passionately as a CrossFit personal trainer for more than two years before assembling the group that would become CrossFit Worcester. Now, he’s realizing his dream and helping people meet (and exceed) their personal fitness and wellness goals.

Paul’s Accomplishments

  • Level 2 CrossFit Certification
  • Nutritional Therapy Consultant -NTA
  • Nutrition & Wellness – Vanderbilt University
  • Mobility/Movement Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • MA Criminal Justice Health & Wellness -Level 3 Instructor

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 David Rojas

Dave Rojas is member of the Worcester Police Department, his career in law enforcement began in March of 2006. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Culinary Arts before receiving his Masters Degree from Curry College in Criminal Justice.

Dave has always been physically active and has a passion for sports. While the demands of police work require a high level of physical fitness, boring weight-lifting and gym routines eventually became monotonous and Dave lost interest in exercise altogether.

A few sizes later, he realized something needed to change and turned to CrossFit. Within the first year, Dave had lost 50 pounds and achieved significant improvements to his speed, strength, and endurance. To this day, he remains a die-hard CrossFitter and embraces the belief that the thrill of competition motivates us to achieve more, and that our fiercest competition is ourselves.

Dave remains a constant thrill seeker, and has done numerous obstacle course races to include the Go Ruck challenge (class 525), Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder to name a few.  He’s constantly looking for the next challenge, be it in the gym or while leading a team at an event.   Dave’s biggest passion about CrossFit is in the culture and camaraderie that CrossFit Worcester provides. 


Dave’s Accomplishments

  • Level 2 CrossFit Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certification
  • CPR/AED First Responder

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 Zack Beshai


Zack graduated from Liberty University in 2006 with a degree in Clinical Psychology. He became an AFAA certified personal trainer in 2008 and fitness has been his passion ever since. Zack has worked in many gym environments but believes that the CrossFit methodology is the ideal training system for any individual given its foundation in constantly varied functional movements completed at high intensity. He completed his CrossFit Level One Certification in March and joined the CrossFit Worcester team shortly after our opening.

…CrossFit methodology is the ideal training system for any individual…

Zack is an frequent competitor in local road obstacle course races, including numerous 5ks, the Ruckus and MetroDash. Zack has a gymnastics background and participates in competitive sports whenever possible, but above all, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and training experiences with others to help them safely reach higher levels of fitness.

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 Nick DiCicco


Active since 2008, Nick DiCicco is an officer with the Worcester Police Department. He is currently       assigned to the 366th MP Det (CID) with the Army Reserves. Nick received his a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College in 2005, with a minor in Political Science.

From the time he was young, Nick has been physically active. He realized the benefits of weight training and cardiovascular conditioning during his high school athletic career. His exercise “program” consisted of lifting weights and running until a friend introduced him to CrossFit in 2008.

From the first workout, Nick realized that he could never go back to the mundane gym routine he had known for so long.

From the first workout, Nick realized that he could never go back to the mundane gym routine he had known for so long. Nick strongly believes that CrossFit is the most effective program to develop both the physical and mental conditioning demanded of him as a police officer and soldier.

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 Dan Cronin


Dan Cronin is a Worcester business owner and a lifelong athlete. After playing football at Stonehill College, Dan struggled to find a fitness program that kept him interested.

Dan found CrossFit through researching cross-training programs for distance running and never looked back. Dan enjoys the variety of movements and intensity of the workouts that CrossFit prescribes as well as the supportive environment and sense of community found here at CrossFit Worcester. Dan loves the level of general physical preparedness he’s gained since starting CrossFit, and he enjoys working with atm interested and produced the results he wanted. After a 3 year focus on long distance running, Dan completed The Boston Marathon in 2012 but struggled to stay on the road consistently due to overuse injuries.

Dan’s accomplishments and certifications include:hletes of all levels on helping them to reach and exceed their goals. Dan lives in Boston with his wife, Sarah and their children Abby and Jack.


Certifications and Accomplishments

  • GORUCK Challenge Class 525
  •  Finisher – 116th Boston Marathon
  •  1995 Stonehill Football ECAC Championship team member
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification

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 Justin Cronin

J Cronin CFW bio pic

Justin was born and raised in Boston. He is a lifelong athlete, playing Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse. He played Division II NCAA Football in college. Since an early age, Justin has been fascinated with exercise and nutrition. After college, Justin’s fitness routine stalled and he gradually got a little bigger and a little slower.

After researching CrossFit for longer than he would like to admit, he finally joined CFW in August of 2012. The movements and intensity he learned through CrossFit have forever changed his life. Justin loves teaching the CrossFit methodology and helping people achieve their fitness goals. Besides CrossFit, Justin’s favorite hobbies are skiing, playing his guitar (even though he stinks at it) and cooking with his family.

Justin owns an auto parts business in Worcester, and lives in Londonderry NH with his wife, Renee, and their two sons Liam and Rhy

Certifications and Accomplishments

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification
  • GORUCK Challenge class 525s.

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Ray Roman

Ray was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts and has been an active member of the Worcester Police Department since 2006. Ray has always been into fitness and sports since childhood and has participated in many different exercise programs and all manner of organized sports all through his life. Ray first found interest in Crossfit while deployed to Iraq in 2007.  There were a few guys doing a demonstration for the army in Kuwait and Ray thought “wow this stuff is great”!
Ray completed 9 years in the army infantry  with deployments to Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Cuba.
 “While in the army I had kept in decent shape but nothing compared to how great a shape I am in now thanks to Crossfit”.
Ray joined Crossfit Worcester since we opened our doors in April of 2012 and has been doing Crossfit for just a little longer than that.
Ray thinks Crossfit is the most amazing way to workout not just because it gets amazing results when you commit yourself but also because of the structure and awesome community.
 “Not since the army have I felt this level of camaraderie and friendship. There’s nothing like it”!
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification


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